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12705362_1142508819133011_759689578149992787_nLeaky faucet? Running toilet? Water around the toilet base? Skip the DYI scene and call a professional. Our Master Plumber, Pete Bersaw and plumbing technicians are experts at trouble shooting and repairing all types of problem plumbing situations. McGowan Water offers fair and honest flat rate pricing, charging per job and not by the hour. We guarantee our materials, products and labor with the best warranties in the industry.

We provide solutions for:

Leaky faucets • running toilets • toilets that take two flushes to clear • water around toilet base • moisture under vanity • standing water in a tub or shower • sluggish or clogged drains • soap scum • not enough hot water at peak times • water temperatures spikes when someone flushes toilet or turns on cold water • faucet handles that are too tight • sump pump problems • disposal jams or is noisy

In addition, McGowan Water can provide you with:

Instant hot water • water purification • water pressure protection • new fixtures • tub safety bars • outdoor hot water hoses • burst-safe washing machine hoses

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