Softener Salt Delivery

mcgowan-100Skip the heavy lifting of salt bags and let McGowan Water deliver and place it in your water softener for complete convenience. We deliver softener salt to more than 150 homes and businesses each week in and around the Mankato area. It’s easy to get on our delivery route, just give us a call. All salt delivery accounts, new and existing, receive a salt delivery calendar that clearly notes when you can expect us to deliver your softener salt. When we arrive, we haul and put the salt into the water softener so you don’t lift a pound. When we are finished, we leave a copy of the salt slip noting the number of bags we delivered to you on that particular day. No money exchange—no hassles—just convenient salt delivery. You will receive a bill in the mail after the delivery has been made.

Need a large quantity of  softener salt? We can handle that. We offer special pricing, available for pick-up or delivery. The first volume discount is at one-half ton (1,000 lbs). A larger discount is available when you purchase a full pallet (2400 lbs).

For more information on large quantity softener salt prices or to be added to our softener salt delivery route, Contact Us today.