18 Apr 2017

Hot Water Reserve: The Benefits of Installing a Hot Water Recirculation Line

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Have you ever stood at your sink and wasted gallons of water waiting for it to get hot? The proximity of your water heater in relationship to the faucets in your home makes a difference. If the hot water heater is located in the basement on one side of the house while your kitchen faucet is on the main level and on the opposite side of the house, it will take some time to get you the hot water you’re looking for—unless you have a hot water recirculation line.

For traditional piping systems, pipe lines terminate at the farthest faucet or fixture and leaves you waiting for minutes before the hot water can get to you. A hot water recirculation line is a recirculating loop, a return line that is installed from the farthest faucet or fixture back to the water heater.

What this means for you is that the recirculating loop allows a hot water reserve to continuously flow so there is always hot water available for any faucet in your home. So when you are ready to wash dishes and are looking for hot water, you only have to turn the faucet on hot and hot water will pour out. Some argue that a recirculating loop can increase electricity consumption. On the other hand, the cost savings you would get from lesser water wastage would offset the energy costs.

When is the best time to install a hot water recirculation line? If you are building a home or remodeling these are the best times to install this recirculation line since the ceiling needs to be exposed for installation. If that’s not doable, there is other equipment that can be installed to dedicated fixtures to provide you with hot water.

Our expert plumber can install a hot water recirculation line that provides hot water on demand from any faucet or fixture in your home. Give us a call at (507) 388-3361 to learn more about the benefits or a hot water recirculation line or to schedule an appointment to have our team come out and evaluate your home.