15 Oct 2016

The American Dream

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McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service, which later became McGowan Water Conditioning was started by Lyle “Mac” McGowan on May 1, 1955. Mac had worked for Mankato Culligan and felt like he could do a better job of providing soft water service to the Mankato area.  He achieved the American dream and started his own company.

Lyle McGowan 11-1963Lyle “Mac” McGowan, founder McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service

original-shop-truck-dated-1956McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service’s original shop and truck, 1956

In 1963 Mac passed away at a young age and left McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service to his wife, Betty, who put her oldest son, Jack, in the lead. Jack ran the business for his mother until 1968 when she decided to sell to businessmen from the Mankato area, Bellig and Schramski.

open house JackMcGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service shop

In a short time, Bellig and Schramski had managed to lose hundreds of McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service accounts. With the business in a tailspin and not having a solid foundation and understanding of the water conditioning business, the businessmen agreed to sell the business back to Jack as quickly as they could.

jack-approx-1995Jack McGowan, owner McGowan Water Conditioning 1995

Since buying his family business back in late 1969, Jack remained sole owner until his youngest son Michael (Mike) decided to buy him out in 2006.

mcgowan-86McGowan Water’s shop and fleet of trucks, 2014

Mike plans to continue the family tradition of providing southern Minnesota with clean water for healthy living. McGowan Water currently services southern Minnesota with water treatment services and products for both residential and commercial including filtration systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis, UV lights and water heaters. They offer free professional water testing before suggesting any water conditioning system. McGowan Water also offers plumbing services and can fix any plumbing problem, making it convenient and hassle-free for their customers. Above all, McGowan Water prides itself on the quality of service and work they provide their customers with.

mike-3Mike McGowan, owner McGowan Water Conditioning




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