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ION Drinking Water System

The ION Drinking Water System is the ultimate drinking water appliance. With just a press a button and enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot or sparkling water. Designed to fit on most counter tops, the ION makes a great office water cooler where space may be limited.

  • Offers 10 times the cooling capacity of a standard office water cooler.
  • Dispenses up to 80 glasses in 40 minutes.
  • Maintains the perfect temperature at 42°.
  • 9″ dispensing height easily fills cups, carafes, pitchers, and water bottles.
  • ION’s faucet and drip tray are easily removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Pure filter alert monitor.
  • Energy saving SleepMode.
  • Cold, hot and sparkling water on demand.
  • Compact and designed for small spaces.
  • Perfect for home or the office.

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